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Ohio Steel Head Fishing:  Ohio Outdoor Journal


Ohio Steel Head Reports 1/24/13

By: Bob White

Ohio ODJ Contributor and Steel Head Addict

With a slight heat wave in the middle of winter the rivers have started to ramp up with good numbers of fish.  Recently I fished the west side with the OSD (OhioSteelHeadDrifters) crew and we managed to elude the crowds and put a few fresh fish in the net.  It’s good to get out with your buddies, most anglers speak of solitude, and trust me I know all about fishing by yourself and it’s all good, but there is definitely something to be said about being on the river with your buddies.  It is a tough thing to do sometimes considering most of us work regular jobs with the regular 9-5 hours, which makes it tough to hook up, but when you get the chance take it and enjoy the experience together.
Colored up Bucker
O starting off the OSD outing!
The day ended around dark and with a good amount of hook ups and laughs the day was a successful trip!!
The next day me and another buddy Tim hit the west side again with hopes of having the same success as O and I had the day previous, needless to say that sure as hell wasn’t the case.  We fished all day and managed 0 fish, we made the tough call of traveling back to the east side around 3 with hopes of putting a few fish on the bank and missing rush hour traffic, we managed to do both!!
3rd drift Tim’s hooked up
This dude is a machine!!
Swinging doesn’t always produce the most fish but they sure are fun!!
Check the tail, awesome!!
Blood Clot?
Couldn’t believe the color!!
We ended up being the last 2 on the river this night, but goes to show that if your willing to move around and put some time in you can succeed at catching these fish!!
The next day me and Tim decided to hit the water again and to be honest I wasn’t feeling my enthusiastic self about fishing after spending 20 hours or so the previous 2 days on the water.  Well to the enthusiasm was quick to return, with the air temps of 49 degrees and the water on a good drop, the fish were on the move and feeding, had constant action with good sized fresh fish.  Days like these in the winter don’t normally happen so when they do you need to capitalize on them, we did!!
 This big buck engulfed my swung bunny leech!!
 Big Fish!!
 Fishing is literally an addiction for me!
 Tim with a good 1
Been trying some photo editing!
Mike with success after a few straightened hooks!
This was one of those days where you have constant action and the weather was very nice to be on the water again for another 10+ hours.  With this cold front moving in the fishing may slow down, but here’s to hoping the rivers don’t freeze over to bad!! I need to fish more :)
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Native of Ohio, Bob has been chasing fish throughout Ohio on the fly for the past decade, he enjoys every aspect of fishing from the preparation to the moment of hook up. The hobby of fly fishing has evolved from a passion and a job as a guide for a premier outfitter at Ohio Steelhead Drifters, Bob spends 250+ days a year on local rivers and lakes chasing all species of fish.

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  1. Awesome Report. Are you doing more this year? I hope!

  2. Yes Jarrod I’ll be giving reports, gear reviews, and other fishing related articles!

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