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Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite Upper Review

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Published on March 10, 2013 with 1 Comment

Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite Upper


Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite Upper Test Session

By Paul Groves of High Powered Armory

We  had a chance to get a couple hundred rounds through our Pac-Lite upper the other day.  From the testing, I have mixed feelings.  The Pac-Lite receiver is machined out of a solid piece of aircraft aluminum with a chrome barrel insert, so it immediately cut the weight of our Ruger Mark III.  The thread pitch is 1/2 x 28 which offers many choices for compensators and suppressors.  Just from handling it, I was impressed by the quality.

Tactical Solutions Pac-Lite Upper

We tested out the Arch Angel suppressor, which fits the Pac-Lite beautifully. I was very pleased with the accuracy and sound suppression we received with this combination.  But we did have some problems.  Out of the box, the Pac-Lite was finicky with sub-sonic and plated bulk pack ammo.  We had several failures to feed and failures to fire in the early going (you can see an example in the video below).  It ran fine with Federal bulk packs and CCI Mini Mags, so we blasted a couple hundred rounds hoping it would break in.  After flawlessly eating up a half brick of Federals, it did run a lot better with the lighter ammo.  We only had one more FTF after that, which could have been due to a dirty gun at that point.


So, after testing out the Pac-Lite, I think it is a quality product at a decent price.  I was not happy having it jam up every 3-4 rounds in the beginning, but once it broke in I really got to like it.  It is light, sleek looking, and really is a tack-driver.  The Pac-Lite  may not be for everybody though.  Reliability using certain ammo was definitely an issue  with this product, but I am still keeping one of these for myself.

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  1. Pretty nice upper. I have one that broke in to be very reliable after about 500 rounds. They are finicky out of the box. Good review.

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