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Old Faithful Stealth-Tuck IWB Holster Review

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Old Faithful Holster Review: Stealth-Tuck Hip Holster Inside the Waistband with M&P Compact

The recent popularity of inside the waistband concealed carry has led to a flood of holster companies claiming that their products are superior to all of the others. Very few however offer a 30 day risk free trial and a 50 year warranty.  So, when I recently happened across an ad for Old Faithful Holsters, I thought I would give them a try.

First off, when placing my order, I had great customer service, and the holster was in my mailbox in less than a week.  With some other holster manufacturers currently backing up orders for several weeks or even months, I was happy to receive mine so quickly.  The holster I went with was the Stealth-Tuck, a hybrid-tuckable  model for my M&P 9C.  The M&P Compact is a great carry gun that  has a small profile and offers a 12 +1 capacity.  But with that capacity also comes a thicker frame and a heavy slide.  So, I was looking for a holster that would help distribute that weight comfortably while offering more concealment than the traditional clip-and-go style.

I ordered a fully assembled holster, but Old Faithful offers a do-it-yourself assembly kit for a discounted price.  I thought this was a really great option for someone who is looking to save a few bucks and does not mind putting it together themself. When it comes to hybrid-style holsters, there are only three main components that you need to check for quality: the leather, the Kydex, and the hardware. First, the leather on these is extremely thick and soft, and in my opinion it is cut perfectly to offer just the right amount of protection without over-doing it.  Next, the Kydex is actually thicker than I have seen on any other hybrid holsters.  I can barely make it flex by pushing down on it.  Finally, the hardware is also of great quality.  The clips seem very strong, and the screws and grommets are all anodized.  So, by looking at quality of materials, I have to give this company it’s due.

Besides quality, maybe the most important test of a holster is of it’s comfort and adjustability.   I have been wearing this rig for a little over a week now.  I have found that after a few days of “breaking-in,”  this is an extremely comfortable holster.  It feels good, and it distributes the weight of my heavy gun to a point that the weight is not even noticeable.  Best of all, I really like the way it conceals my gun.  I do not typically wear loose or baggy clothes, so concealability is very important to me.

As far as adjustability, the Old Faithful holsters are put together with screws and nuts to give you options you do not have in similar products with rivet construction.  I can adjust the cant and the ride height of my weapon pretty easily.  I can also adjust the tension of the firearm itself by changing the Kydex spacing.  The holster came with a bag filled with lots of extra hardware for adjustments.  Another great feature of this holster is the ability to change out the Kydex shell.  Because it is fastened with screws and not rivets, I have the ability to completely switch the shell for another color or even to accommodate another gun.

After testing, I think it is safe to say that the Old Faithful Stealth-Tuck is a winner.  The quality is there, the comfort is there, and more importantly the price is very reasonable.  I do not think you can find a better holster in this price class.  If you add on the warranty and the 30 day trial, you really cannot lose buying this holster.  After a week and a half of owning mine, I can safely say that I am keeping it.




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    Thanks for the review! I think I will try one out.

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