New Adjustable Muzzle Brake from Rubber City Armory

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New Adjustable Muzzle Brake from Rubber City Armory

New Adjustable Muzzle Brake from Rubber City Armory

By:  Colton Cerino, Ohio Oudoor Journal Field Writer

Recently, at the Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Match in Kentucky, I had the opportunity to test the new Rubber City Armory muzzle brake. This brake is so new that it has not even been named yet. The sick looking design of this brake offers plenty of eye appeal to dress up your rifle, but more importantly, the design offers functionality to improve your speed and accuracy at the range.

 New Adjustable Muzzle Brake from Rubber City Armory

When you buy a factory AR-15, it usually comes equipped with a threaded barrel and a flash hider attached to it. Although this device does aid in reducing muzzle flash by rapidly dispersing the gases and unburned powder, it is not intended to help manage recoil. A muzzle brake on the other hand uses these gasses to the advantage of the shooter by venting them in directions intended to reduce muzzle rise and felt-recoil. The intention is to help the shooter reacquire the sights faster after each shot and reduce the urge to flinch. I have used a muzzle brake on all of my rifles since I was a kid. My father knew it would help me shoot better when I was smaller and unaccustomed to recoil, but a muzzle brake can offer advantages to shooters of every age and skill level.

New Adjustable Muzzle Brake from Rubber City Armory

The brake has 8 holes which can be plugged or left open for adjustability

This new muzzle break from RCA is different from others on the market as it is tunable for either left or right handed shooters. There are 8 holes in the sides which can be plugged with provided set screws for different levels of adjustability. As the bullet leaves the barrel, the gases engage a set of baffles that are machined into the brake itself. The gasses come into contact with the baffles sort of like hitting a wall.  When the bullet passes through the baffles, the reverse pressure causes the gun to push away from the shooter, directing the gases backward and out the sides, reducing the amount of “kick” from your rifle. With a series of holes along the top, gases vented upward keep the muzzle from rising during each shot for faster target acquisition. The only downside is that the muzzle brake does increase the noise level of the rifle compared to shooting without one attached. This is because the noise is no longer just going out away from the shooter. So, be aware if you are standing alongside of a rifle with a muzzle brake, because it is LOUD!

 New Adjustable Muzzle Brake from Rubber City Armory

As of today, Rubber City Armory is contracted to begin production of this brake and will begin immediately. Initially, it will only be available for .22 caliber rifles with a 1/2 x 28 thread pattern (standard for most AR-15 rifles). The material used will be 4140 stainless with a black finish. Cost is estimated to be around $100.00, which is a middle of the road price for the muzzle brake market. I could not be happier with the style and function of this brake, and I already know I will not only be keeping my test prototype but ordering a few more when they hit the market.

 New Adjustable Muzzle Brake from Rubber City Armory

As I mentioned, Rubber City Armory has yet to settle on a name for this particular muzzle brake.  If you have a good idea for one, then shoot me an email or leave a comment.  I will forward any good ideas to RCA, and who knows, they just might use it.


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