For Winter Steel Head, Floods aren’t always bad!

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For Winter Steel Head, Floods aren't always bad!

For Winter Steel Head, Floods aren’t always bad!

Floods they can be some of the most deadly and dangerous acts of nature, but they can also be some of the best news for anglers and ice jammed rivers.  Just as in every natural disaster it seems that they all bring new beginnings to the areas effected.  I guess it goes along with that old saying of “it’s always darkest before the dawn” and for us anglers lets hope that the rivers that are swelling, and the holds of winters ugly ice jams will break free from the banks and flow out to the lake.  When this all happens that will be the dawn and steelhead will be had!

Steelhead Alley has been blessed for the past 3-4 seasons with very mild winters and anglers have been able to fish all season long without the rivers freezing and the fish becoming to lethargic to eat.  Well this year has been slightly different, with temperatures being the lowest they’ve been in two decades you can imagine this fish are thinking the same thing we are “Damn it’s cold out here, I’m going back to bed.”  While persistence pays off and before the last couple weeks anglers were able to get out and capitalize on a few warmer days, and now we are hoping for the same thing to happen with this current thaw.  The rivers will be unfishable for the next few days while the rivers recover from the blow out, the creeks should come into shape early this week.  For cold water steelhead try smaller wooly buggers, brighter egg patterns, and nymph patterns.  For swung flies get your fly deeper as the fish will be at the bottoms of runs and towards the tailouts, colors that are effective black, purple, white, and olive.  Here is a picture of my most effective pattern as of late.

For your enjoyment and tying instruction here are some videos of flies that I have been working on

Dave’s Bad Hair Day!

IRobot Steelhead Fly

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