The Beginning of a Steelhead Addiction

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The Beginning of a Steelhead Addiction

So you’ve searched 100+ videos on youtube and seen twice as many fly fishing groups on facebook and thought to yourself, “I’m gonna give steelheading on the fly a shot”.  This could be a turning point in your life.  You go out and get your own fly rod and reel and bought a handful of flies from your local fly shop and the shop employees pointed you to a couple spots to try.  Now you head to the river, your so full of anticipation and excitement to be chasing this awesome fish you can barely contain yourself.  So now your out on the water and trying to cast and it’s certainly more difficult than you imagined when you saw Brad Pitt doing it in A River Runs Through It, the thought has probably crossed your mind at this point about 10 times that this may not be for me.  After many pain staking hours of untangling knots and lost flies.  When suddenly your barely paying any attention to your fly and BOOM, you set the hook and you think “HOLY SHIT!! I got a fish, I got a fish” you have just experienced something that a small group of individuals in the world have.  You just hooked one of the fastest freshwater fish living, you can hardly believe what’s going on or how it even happen.  The fish is making long runs, your reels screaming the fish leaps from the water and your line goes slack “SHIT”.  You fish for a couple more hours and nothing happens no more hook ups, NOTHING!!  You head home after 4-5 hours and think “I just had the best day of my life” and all of a sudden all you can think about is steelhead your dreaming of them, watching fly tying videos in all your free time.  Your constantly trying to make plans for your next outing and it may take a few outings but you finally land your 1st steelhead on the fly. This is your first real encounter with this majestic fish, and all you can think about is how beautiful and strong these fish are!  You admire the fish as it swims away after your photo and now you are just giddy with excitement.  You get home and hours, weeks, months, years pass as so do many fish and you remember that first fish that cause this addiction to steelhead on the fly.

hefty fishy

Winter Steelhead!

If your interested in joining this awesome club and want some help with the learning curve get a hold of me or one of the other great guides at Ohio Steelhead Drifters.  When searching for your gear you most definitely should check out Allen Fly Fishing, their products are second to none and won’t break the bank account.  Here’s a small video of a recent steelhead trip that me and a few other OH steelhead guides took have a look and enjoy!

Guide Day Off from Owen Murphy on Vimeo.

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